The Writer in Black

The Writer in Black

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LibertyCon Schedule

My schedule for LibertyCon 27 (That's a lot of programming!)

Fri     05:00PM     Opening Ceremonies    
Fri     06:00PM     Reading: David Burkhead    
Sat     10:00AM     Autograph Session    
Sat     02:00PM     The Implications of 3-D Printing    
Sat     04:00PM     Autograph Session    
Sat     09:30PM     An Anime Retrospective    
Sat     10:00PM     Perseid Press, Moondream Press and Iron Clad Press Book Launch Parties; IOH and Fictioneers Parties    
Sat     11:00PM     Mad Scientist Roundtable    
Sun     11:00AM     The Story of Anti-Matter: Making It, Using It and Mis-using It    
Sun     12:00PM     War in Space - is it Inevitable?    
Sun     02:00PM     What's New from Moondream Press    

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