The Writer in Black

The Writer in Black

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breathing? That would be nice.

I went to the allergy doctor this morning for an allergy test. They tested 35 separate allergens, including dust mites, various species of tree pollen, various molds, various weeds and grasses, cats and dogs, cockroaches, and feathers. Of the 35 I was allergic to 26 of them (including dogs--but getting rid of my dogs is not an option, then again "dog" was one of the milder reactions so with everything else, what would be the point?).

So, in addition to the surgical fixes for breathing path issues (deviated septum and oversize ridges in the nasal passages meaning that even the least little swelling from an allergic reaction closes things right down) we're looking at allergy shots. And that means a visit to the doctor once a week until such time as I get to a "maintenance" regime where I can give myself the shots.

Good news is that the allergy shots are covered by my insurance at 100%.

But I am told that breathing is not optional so I guess this is where we're going.

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